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Multi Family Loans

Best For: Experienced Multi-family and Mixed-use borrowers who seek financing for investment properties with 9+ units for the purchase and rehab of a property to maximize market rents. Can also be used for the refinance of currently owned properties to renovate and increase current market value.


  • DSCR: Minimum of 1:20 from market rents
  • Refinance/Rehab: No cash out, PAYOFF and Rehab Only
  • Location: No rural properties, must be in a metro area. No vacancies or abandoned properties nearby. No blight-ridden areas
  • Liquidity Requirements: Minimum of all closing costs in addition to 3- to 6-month interest + 15% rehab budget reserve must be available.    Contact us for details.


  • FICO ≥ 700
  • Closing times typically 10-14 business days
  • Loan Amount: $250,000 – $2,500,000
  • Minimum Value per Unit: $35,000
  • Property Type: 9+ Units, & Mixed-Use Max of 25-33% Commercial Use of Rental Space

  • Term: 12 -18 months (price bump for 18 months)
  • Liens: 1st liens only. No subordinate liens.
  • Purchase: 85%
  • Rehab Budget: 100%
  • 65% ARV


  • Rehab Budget: Max budget at 150% of Purchase Price (Exception on a case-by-case basis) Property: No SRO’s, No Condo’s, Minimum Sq Ft of 500 sq. ft. per unit, No Assisted Living or nursing homes, No environmental issues (oil tank certification required), No short-term rentals.
  • Full Doc: Seller’s financials on the rent roll required: Market Rents will be used for DSCR purposes. A true and certified, current rent roll from the owner, supported by a current operating statement no older then 45 days of submission. All commercial leases must be submitted along with 20% of residential leases. If property is vacant Market rents will be used.
  • Experience: Borrower must have a minimum experience of 3 prior projects and 1 needs to be multi-family within 3 years. Max at 65%. No new borrowers. Must have local market experience.
  • Fixed Expense: Management, Maintain and reserves at 5,3,2%. Taxes and Insurance. Vacancy will be 5% and update per the Appraisal actual numbers. Greater than 20% Vacancy will not be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS