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Are You an Agent That has a listing that has been on the Market over 60 Days?
Do You Represent a Homeowner That has Little to NO Equity in their Property?

I’ve noticed that there’s some properties that have been listed over 60 to 90 on the MLS.. some might be listed by You.. maybe not.
Regardless, I wanted to introduce to you the opportunity that would benefit everybody involved, including You the Agent… Rest assured you will still profit being paid commissions such as any regular transaction.

Here’s a synopsis of what I’d like to present to you and your sellers.

Subject-To Benefits for Agents:

Subject-to offers can be an advantageous option for both sellers and real estate agents.
Here’s some helpful tips and reasons to accept a subject-to offer and highlight the benefits to the seller:

Subject-to offers provide a win-win solution for sellers and real estate professionals like you. By considering this unique approach, you can secure a swift and profitable transaction while ensuring the seller’s peace of mind.

1. Speedy Sale: Subject-to deals often close faster than traditional transactions, saving you time and effort. As the agent, you can demonstrate your ability to deliver results promptly.

2. No Listing Hassle: With subject-to offers, there’s no need for extensive marketing, staging, or open houses. This minimizes the seller’s inconvenience and maximizes their convenience.

3. Flexible Financing: Subject-to deals allow buyers to take over the existing mortgage, which can be especially appealing in a market with low-interest rates. This means that the seller avoids the hassle of loan applications and approvals.

4. Higher Sales Price: Subject-to buyers are often willing to pay a Premium for the opportunity to acquire a property with favorable financing terms. This means the seller can potentially get a higher sales price!

5. Cash Flow Continuity: For sellers with rental properties, subject-to offers allow them to maintain a steady rental income stream without the hassle of finding new tenants or dealing with vacancies.

6. Reduced Closing Costs: Subject-to transactions typically have lower closing costs, as there’s no need for new appraisals or title insurance. This can be a significant financial benefit for the seller.

7. Avoiding Foreclosure: If the seller is in financial distress, accepting a subject-to offer can help them avoid foreclosure, protecting their credit score and financial future.

8. Full Transparency: Assure the seller that subject-to deals are fully transparent and legal, with all terms clearly outlined in the agreement.

By accepting a subject-to offer, you not only help your client achieve their goals efficiently but also showcase your adaptability and expertise in navigating diverse real estate transactions.

It’s a strategic move that benefits all parties involved… and as the Listing Agent YOU STILL GET PAID!

If your seller does not have a current mortgage on the property then we would suggest a creative seller financing structure which we can also discuss.
The goal is for you to take care of your sellers and make this a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Please contact us anytime if you want to discuss this mutually beneficial relationship further!

Want some free info on how Subject To” WORKS?
Take a few minutes and watch some of Pace Morby’s videos on Creative Financing!



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